Border Inspection Post

In 2016, Terminal Flavio Gioia SpA inaugurated the new single Border Inspection Post (PIF) of the port of Naples - an office facility of the Ministry of Health, authorised by the European Commission to carry out inspections for both non-perishable and reefer cargo.

Border Inspection Post

The facility was purpose built to streamline custom operations and provide the consignees a fast, efficient and cost effective solution.
Under a public-private partnership, the facility was built and equipped in compliance with the provisions of EU Decision 2009/821 / EC. The facility brings together the various authorities and surveillance organisations that carry out all sanitary and food inspections – controlling all cargo.

  • Phytopathologist Campania Region;
  • Office of Maritime and Air Health (USMAF) – Ministry of Health;
  • EU Compliance Veterinary Office (UVAC) – Ministry of Health;
  • Customs Office Naples 1 – Interregional Directorate of Customs for Campania and Calabria.

The Border Inspection Post was officialised by the European Commission with an EU execution decision dated 10/27/2016 – Official Journal of the European Union L.296 / 417 of 11/1/2016.

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