Flavio Gioia Pier

Terminal Flavio Gioia Spa (TFG) can moor ships with a length overall of 300 meters, with the valuable contribution of the Harbour Masters Office, Pilots and Mooring Company.

Under State concession, Terminal Flavio Gioia operates in the port of Naples in the following areas:

  • 33,000 square metres of the Flavio Gioia pier;
  • 20,000 square metres of the railway yard located behind the pier.

No airdraft limitation.

Day and night mooring.

92 reefer plugs on site.

The availability of electric generators allows an increase in the storage capacity of reefer units of 40 plugs.

Berths Length Draft
45/46 292 metres 12,50 metres
48/49 292 metres 10 metres
47 102 metres 7,6 metres
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