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Cargo Handling Facility Insurance Cover

At Terminal Flavio Gioia Spa, we have been devising evolving strategies and processes over many years to minimise risk to our customers.

Since 1997, TFG has been a member of the Through Transport Club of London (TTC), an integral provider of insurance and risk management services.

Our insurance cover includes civil liability, damage to the goods and the vessels, third parties liability, and errors or omissions, including delays and unauthorised deliveries.


Cyber Risks Insurance Cover

Due to the increasing prominence of information technology in businesses today, TFG takes the necessary steps to minimise risks and exposures relating to this field.

Our cyber risks cover includes a range of first and third-party exposures relating to the use of information technology (IT), such as loss of or damage to digital assets (first-party exposure) and security and privacy liability (third-party exposure).

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